God's Spoken Word

A Royal Proclamation for Fiji

Arise! Arise! Arise mighty warriors! 

As I called Gideon out to deliver my people so too am I calling you out to lead my people into all that I have in store for them. 

Arise Apostles! Arise Prophets! I am calling you out for such a time as this. You’ve hidden in your caves long enough. Arise and come out says the Father. 

Come out! Come out! Come out and be counted among the five fold ministries that I have given to the church. Be the gift you were born to be. Arise I say and come out. 

You’ve toiled. You’ve waited. You’ve watched. Now come out! Am I not calling you out? Did I not give you birth for this very season?

Arise. For I am doing a new thing. Can you not see it? Step out on to the water. Come out and step onto the water. 

Long have I hidden you from others. But your time has come. It is now here. Arise and go forth in the power of my Spirit. 

Display my glory. Display my glory. Display my glory I say! 

Your hour is at hand. The waiting is over! Arise and go forth! For I have already gone before you. I have already gone before you. I have already gone before you and I am calling you to meet me where I stand. Meet me where I stand and take territory for my kingdom and my glory.

Walk in the power of my Spirit. Signs and wonders shall follow if you walk humbly before me in the power of my Spirit. Do not look to the right or to the left. For it is I that have called you for such a time as this. Rid yourself of the distractions that will hinder you from fulfilling my calling in your life. Arise and come forth! 

I am calling you out. Come out and meet me my warriors. 

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