About Preaching It Real

Are you fed up with being in a religion that’s ineffective and powerless?

Do you have a genuine hunger for Christ and a teachable spirit?

Are you disappointed and discouraged because what you see in God’s word is not what you see manifesting in the church?

Have you been questioning your existence and wondering why you’re here?

Do you want to experience the King and His kingdom on a whole new level?

Then Preaching It Real is for you!

Preaching It Real is about serving God’s Word straight up in love. Without ice or small talk! So the children of God mature & walk in the full measure of Christ.

Preaching It Real has been brought about because the Lord wants to see you step up and grow up. He wants you to fulfill His purpose for your life, which is the very reason for your creation and existence. He wants the fruit of His Spirit to be evident in your life and the gifts of the Spirit to be operational. He wants you to walk in the full measure of Christ. Not lacking anything or backing down or being swayed by your circumstances. He wants you to rid yourself off of the grasshopper mentality and rise up as His child. More than a conqueror!

I am not here to tell you what you want to hear. To tickle your ears and make a quick buck. I am here to tell you what you need to hear because I love you with the love of Christ. So I’ll only share the truth of God’s word and what He reveals with you. For I am accountable to Him and because I live to please Him alone.

I have a hunger to see you grow up in the Lord and reach the fullness of knowledge of Christ so that you may step out in your gifting and calling for the glory of God. I want you to fully understand the depths of the cross and what it means to be a new creation. I want you to fully comprehend the magnitude of being called a child of the living God and understand your rights in and through Christ.

I want you to be effective when you step out into your ministry and not just busy. Something I continually cry out to the Lord for, for myself.

I am called to encourage, teach and bring revelation to the body of Christ today.

And I hope to expand myself for the glory of the living God and to serve you, His Church, faithfully.

Because at the end of it all, I want the Lord to tell you these very words:

“Well done, thy good and faithful servant!”

The question is…

Do you want to hear those words for yourself?

I know I do.

With the love of Christ,
Naibuka Qarau [Jr]