God's Spoken Word

Get your house in order for I am about to pass by…

Get your house in order for I am about to pass by saith the Lord. 

For I love you with the love of a father. For indeed I am your father. You have been asking me for breakthrough for some time now. But I tell you I cannot bless a house filled with sin. I cannot bless you when you hide your face from me like Adam did in the garden. 

For if you are indeed my child then you will yearn to draw nearer to me as I have been waiting for you to join me at this table of life and life more abundantly. So get your house in order for I am about to pass by and as your father I long to answer your prayer and bless you with a breakthrough anointing so you may soar on eagles wings this year. 

Breakthrough! Breakthrough! Breakthrough! All these men yell. But what they don’t say is obedience precedes breakthrough. So I will stand, and I will knock and I will wait for you my child. For you are worth waiting for. Indeed I say you are worth waiting for. For you have belonged to me even before time began. 

I pray that you open so that I may sit with you and chat. As Adam walked and talked with me in the garden so too do I long to walk and talk with you this year. 

Breakthrough! I am the God of breakthrough! And everything for your breakthrough lays within you. I will wait. Yes, as your Father I will wait. 

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