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My Spirit will no longer be contained says the Father.

My Spirit will no longer be contained says the Father. What didn’t work yesterday will not work today. I am doing a new thing. Can you not see it? Indeed I am doing a new thing. 

I stand ready to pour out my Spirit to those that are hungry to receive. To a generation that will run with my words with fire in their hearts. They will set the trail ablaze and pave the way for revival. I am doing a new thing and my Spirit will no longer be contained I say. 

For those that despise prophecy will not eat of it’s fruit. But to the hungry, I say stand! Stand and be counted! For I will and am pouring out my Spirit on those that stand ready to prophesy. Those that stand ready to declare and decree into the earth to break the shackles of bondage that have held my people for so long. 

Stand I say and speak. Speak forth my words as I pour them into you. For out of your belly streams of living water shall flow. Stand and release the living water that will well up in you for the encouragement of the saints. I am sending reinforcements. So look not to the right or to the left my child. 

I know. I know. I know what it is you’ve been going through and as a faithful father I am answering. I will pour out my Spirit on those that stand ready to receive. Ready to run with the revelation of my heart. Ready to speak truth in love. Ready to prophesy to the dry bones. Ready to extend a hand and display my glory. 

Run. Run. Run with the fire that I am pouring out I say. For indeed you are a people of fire! Listen not to what men says. Look not at your own reflection and despise what you see. For indeed you are my child. And I see with the loving eyes of a father who sent His only son to redeem you. Run with fire I say. Receive of my Spirit and run. 

Prophesy! Prophesy! Prophesy to those that need to hear from me. 

Prophesy to the dead things that they may come to life. 

Prophesy to the stolen things that they may be restored. 

Prophesy to the old things that they may be renewed. 

Prophesy to the warm things that they may be heated up by my fire and rekindled in my love. 

Prophesy to the lame that they may walk. 

Prophesy to the blind that they may see.

Prophesy to the mute that they may speak.

Prophesy to the deaf that they may hear. 

Prophesy to the dead that they may rise. 

Catch the outpouring of my Spirit my child and run with fire for my glory. For indeed now is the time and this is the hour. 

When my glory shall be revealed in a new and extraordinary way. 

My Spirit will no longer be contained. 

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