God's Spoken Word

Render your heart unto me and not your garments…

Render your heart unto me and not your garments says the Father.

Come into the secret place my child and spend time with me. It is here I will mould, shape and make your heart into the image and likeness of my one and only begotten son. For it is your heart I am after and not your garments. 

So come. Come and enjoy my rest and fellowship with me. 

We could talk or just be. Just be a Father and child hanging out. Oh how I long to embrace you in my loving arms and comfort you. 

I am the potter. And you are the clay. While the moulding process may have been long and some of it not to your liking, know that I have nothing but your best interest at heart. 

After all, did I not give my only begotten up so I could gain you as an inheritance. 

Come I say and render your heart unto me. Hold it out to me in the palm of you hands for I promise to be gentle with it. And when I return a full heart of flesh it will be filled with my glory and goodness. 

So when the world sees you, they will see your Father.

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