God's Spoken Word

Stand at the counter and wait…

Stand at the counter and wait says the Father. For the cheque you have given heaven’s tellers will clear.
Know that every cheque presented at heavens counters is signed in the blood of the lamb.

And while banks on earth may need to verify the signatures of the cheques you present, the banks in heaven work on a different system.

The only verification needed is your faith. So have the faith and boldness to stand and wait.

Have faith in the knowledge that the underlying signature on the cheque you present is that of my one and only begotten son.
Heaven recognises the signature on the cheques you present.

And while there may be some running around and administration on our part, know this day that your cheque will clear.

So fear not my child. For fear is a foreign currency we do not deal with in heaven.
After all, I did not give you a spirit of fear or timidity when you returned to me. But a spirit of boldness and sound mind.

So stand! Stand and wait at the counters of heaven until your cheque clears. For indeed it will clear.
The signature in blood on it is all the assurance you will ever need.

And your faith in that signature is the only verification heaven needs to move on your behalf.

Though it may tarry. Wait! Have I not spoken. I proclaim this day that your cheque will clear!

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