God's Spoken Word

Take those distractions away…

Take those distractions away says the Father. For I long to converse with you and spend time with you. I long to draw nearer to you and reveal the secrets of my heart to you my beloved. Have I not said in my word that if you seek me and seek with all your heart then I will be found by you.

I long for you to search me out this year. For my very heart beats for you my child. Take the distractions away. Get rid of them this year  as I want to elevate you to new heights. Unimaginable heights that only can be reached when you spend time with me.

Pray. Call on my name and I will answer you in your hour of need. Draw near to me and I will draw near to you. Give me your full attention when you decide in your heart to spend time with me for I am indeed a jealous God. Bask in my presence and enjoy the secret things of my heart I will reveal to you.

My child if you only knew how much you mean to me. Look to Calvary as the measure of my love for you and know that all of Heaven waits for you to call. Be resolute this year in your searching me out and I will honour our moments of intimacy. Have I not promised that I will give you good things.

You will eat out of the very palm of my hands if you so decide to elevate your relationship with me in 2020 says the Father. For I am indeed a rewarder of those who diligently seek me.

Get rid of distractions past and draw nearer to me my beloved child. I’ll hold out my hand waiting for you to come sup with me. 

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