The Root Cause of unforgiveness

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Have you ever had a small wound that you neglected to address and over time festered to become unbearable? And whenever someone moved close to it you’d move away so as to protect yourself and keep yourself from further pain?

I have. In fact just before embarking to write this, I had tiny bubble-like allergies on the inside of my left index and middle fingers that were caused by caustic dish washing paste.

It wasn’t until later however, that I realised the picture the Lord was trying to paint and the lesson that He was showing me through this experience.

You see these allergies started out pretty small so there was no point paying any attention to them…or so I thought. Before long these tiny bubble-like blisters festered up causing me much pain and discomfort.

I couldn’t focus at work and was also in a bad mood at home because of the pain and moved my hand away when anyone came close to touching it. For the slightest touch on this wound, which was now open with the raw flesh exposed, would send me squealing in pain. This of course was followed by anger at the person, or thing that interfered with my eroding fingers and at myself for being an idiot and neglecting to address the issue while it was still manageable. I was in silent agony with bitterness being all too obvious on my face which lacked the luster and smile that I normally wore.

By the time I addressed it, they were full blown sores and little boils that were oozing with puss and blood being released amidst the grinding of my teeth to swallow the pulsating pain whenever blood flowed into them.

The dressing however, gave it temporary relief but I couldn’t leave it on for too long as it felt like it was suffocating my fingers.

Through all this though the Lord painted a clear picture of the root of unforgiveness and how it affects our lives.

What did I need to learn and what was the Lord saying and showing me through this painful experience?

That the culprit, namely unforgiveness, begins as such.

A small wound when left unattended will fester to become unbearable and cause you much pain later on. And that pain will lead you to bitterness, which is cancerous to your soul and hazardous to your health. All because you allowed it to lay down roots in your heart and not deal with the issue while it was still small.

That wound may have begun as a tiny cut of words spoken at you in anger.

Or too many promises made that were broken.

Or your trust betrayed by those that should have had your best interest at heart.

Or being neglected as a child.

That wound may be the result of divorce, wondering who’s to blame as your picture of the fairy tale life ends up all tattered and torn.

Or growing up in a so called broken home, always comparing yourself to other children that had both parents around.

Or quarrels that were never settled because neither party was humble enough to apologize.

That wound may be unresolved sibling rivalry with the potential of leading to murder like Cain and Abel.

It may be the result of an innocent playful relationship followed by nine months of carrying an unexpected gift, all the while being angry at yourself for winding up in such a predicament.

It may be the result of abuse, be it sexual, physical or psychological.

Whatever the root cause of unforgiveness is, it will grow to become poisonous and land you in a prison of bitterness if you do not address it while the wound is still small.

I’ll be sharing more on the prison of bitterness later on.

Know today however, that the Lord wants to heal you, restore you and make you whole.

But in order for this to happen, you need to address the root cause of unforgiveness in your life. Mary Demuth in her book, Live Uncaged wrote

“In order to put your past to sleep, we must first face it.”

So will you face your past today by allowing the Lord to expose the root of those wounds in your heart?

Will you give Him access today to those areas in your heart that you’ve shut the door on because it was easier?

Will you allow Him to mend your broken heart like only He can?

Will you allow yourself to be vulnerable in His hands as the clay would a potter?

You may be wondering what gives me the right to talk about such an issue. Well, let’s just say I’ve been there and I know all too well the snare and the prison we can build for ourselves when we allow the culprit, unforgiveness, to roam free.

And just in case you think you’re exempt from dealing with this culprit, I’ll be sharing a list of self test questions to help expose some hidden issues of the heart, in the next chapter.

So unless you want to walk on in ignorance and not receive your healing to prepare yourself for all that God has in store for you, may I kindly suggest that you stay tuned.

Please feel free to shoot me an email if you have any questions or would like to share your testimony.

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