God's Spoken Word

Why do you continue in your ways oh island nation?

To those that continue to break the law in Fiji in these times we are in. The word of the Lord for you this day:

“Why do you continue in your ways oh island nation?
Why do you continue to satisfy the desires of your heart that do not glorify me?
Why do you continue to worship the idols in your heart? 

The cries of the innocent have reached my throne room. The weeping of children whose father’s are lost. All because you satisfied the lust in your hearts. 

Are simple acts of righteousness too much to ask?

Turn from your ways. Turn from your ways and live. Repent, renounce and cast down those idols that you have erected in your hearts. Turn from your wicked ways and live. 

Why should innocent blood be spilt at the cost of unrighteousness?

Why should you continue in your ways that lead to death when I have made a way out? 

Repent this day and live. 

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